Presentation of the 2º Pan European Emergency Application Consortium Webinar

On June 7th 2022, the 2nd PEMEA Consortium Webinar (Interoperable Emergency Apps for helping public safety, fast and right now) was held, demonstrating how emergency services and citizens benefit from...

Presentation of the PEMEA Consortium

On June 22nd 2021, the 1st PEMEA Consortium Webinar (Helping Public Safety, Fast and Right Now with Interoperable Emergency Apps) was held.

The Finnish Emergency Response Centre Agency join the PEMEA Network

The Finnish Emergency Response Centre Agency, including mobile app 112 Suomi, successfully joined the PEMEA Network.

Finnish & Italian apps join the PEMEA network

The Italian app WhereAreU and the Finnish app 112 Suomi (Emergency Response Centre Agency) are the first to successfully join the PEMEA network. Live calls have already been received this January.