Our Mission

The PEMEA Consortium joins public and private entities in the field of emergency services collaborating to adopt, operate and extend the PEMEA emergency network delivering the levels of quality and reliability required by emergency services.

The PEMEA consortium has three main objectives:
First Objective

Bring support to rich and various digital forms of communication between citizens and emergency services, via the PEMEA network. This includes supporting audio, video, text and data exchange.

Second Objective

Contribute to the wide adoption of the PEMEA network by emergency services, increasing the PEMEA network geographical reach and supporting roaming scenarios.

Third Objective

Monitoring and progressively expand the number of mobile Apps and Internet applications connected to the PEMEA network, giving citizens the freedom to use their application of choice throughout Europe to access the emergency services.

PEMEA Consortium
The PEMEA consortium is in charge of ensuring the quality and reliability criteria updated, so that both the Internet applications and the emergency services can offer the best service to the citizens. The following entities can be part of the PEMEA Consortium:


Call centers where emergency calls (police, fire brigade, ambulance) initiated by any mobile or landline subscriber are terminated. It can also happen that when 112 is dialed in then a logic is implemented by mobile or network operators to route the call to the nearest police station.

Public emergency management organizations

Suppliers of all types of PEMEA network nodes being part the PEMEA network. The PEMEA testing partner will provide a lab environment, ready to validate the full interoperability (according to the standard) of new PEMEA network nodes, new Emergency Apps and new PSAP systems with the rest of the already deployed PEMEA network.

The PEMEA Trusting partners

Private, Associations and consulting companies providing services and products that ensure the safety of people. In that category are the App providers, Multimedia services providers, telecommunications providers but also ONG and consulting firm interested by the PEMEA implementation.

PEMEA Consortium operation
The activities of the PEMEA consortium consist of:

Keep this web site updated with all the information about the PEMEA network evolution.

Manage new requests to connect to the PEMEA network from Internet application providers and PSAPs.

To attend and manage the requests for new members to join the PEMEA consortium.

Hold monthly information meetings with consortium members.

To collect the requirements and best practices received from the members of the consortium for the PEMEA network.

Keeping the list of quality requirements for the communication components and services provided by the PEMEA network updated.

Manage the potential performance problems that could appear in the component nodes of the PEMEA network with their suppliers to correct them.

Assign in turn to one of the PEMEA trusting partners the maintenance of the PRA network component (* PEMEA Registry Authority).

Manage new requests to connect to the PEMEA network from new PEMEA network providers and new PEMEA trusting partners.

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